Deborah A. Prentice

Deborah A. Prentice
Provost and Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs

Debbie Prentice came to Princeton in 1988 and joined the faculty as an assistant professor in 1989. Debbie has spent her entire career at Princeton with the exception of brief sabbatical visits to NYU and the University of Paris Descartes. Prior to becoming Provost on July 1, 2017, she served as the dean of the faculty from 2014-2017, chair of the Psychology Department for 12 years, and co-chair of the Trustee Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity. Debbie is a social psychologist whose research focuses on how beliefs and norms serve as catalysts for behavior stasis and change. She finds applications of her research in her administrative work every day. Outside of work, Debbie enjoys travel, music and quality time with her husband, three kids and a range of pets.

3 Nassau Hall
Executive Assistant