COVID-19 Staff Redeployment

What are the core terms of redeployment?

Once a redeployment opportunity has been agreed-upon between the home department (the department with available personnel) and host department (the department with the project or other staffing need), the following core terms will apply:

  • The home department will continue to pay the employee at the same rate for the duration of the assignment.
  • The host department will provide assignment instructions, training, and guidance and feedback to the employee.
  • The host department may provide performance feedback to the home department manager during and at the conclusion of the assignment.
  • Once the redeployment begins, if issues arise, the home and host managers will communicate with each other as needed.  The HR client service representative can also serve as a resource.
  • At the end of the project, the host manager, in collaboration with the home manager, will send a short report (a few sentences) to about how it went / what was accomplished


Are there any special terms that would apply for employees who are members of a union?

If you have identified a redeployment opportunity for staff members who may be members of a union, please be sure to reach out to your HR client service representative to discuss the expectations of the project or role.

What happens when a staff member in my unit is redeployed? Do I get them back?

Yes. The redeployed person will return to the home unit either at the end of the redeployment term or when the staff member’s home department duties require them to return to their home department.

What happens if the project needs more time? Can the redeployment be extended?

Yes, the redeployment term can be extended by mutual agreement of the home department manager and host department manager.

What happens when a project comes up and I need my staff member back?

We recognize that a staff member’s primary obligation is to their home department.  If you find that you need to terminate the redeployment project before the expected end date, please reach out to the manager in the host department to work out a return to the home department with as little disruption to the redeployment project as possible. The home department manager should also notify about the change.

What if we can’t agree on a return date?

Please consult your HR client services representative or managers for help in resolving the issue.

I did once ask a staff person to do a job outside her job "description" and the response was unpleasant. What should I do if this happens with a staff member who I know has availability for redeployment?

Please reach out to your HR client services representative.

Would these be temporary redeployments? If so, what will happen when we go “back to normal?” 

Redeployments can last from one day to more than 6 months. Each redeployment will be individually discussed and agreed to between the home and host managers. When operations return to normal, units will be given sufficient advance notice to prepare for the return of employees to their home departments. 

Do you have any examples of redeployment efforts that have worked across departments and units?

Yes, there are several, and here are a few:

  • We redeployed 8 staff members from OIT, University Services, and the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning to support a closed-captioning initiative to meet online accessibility needs in the current virtualized environment.
  • We redeployed 3 staff members in Performing Arts Services to support specialized audio setups for remote teaching for the Department of Music.
  • We redeployed over 100 staff members from Athletics, OIT, Facilities, and University Services to support COVID-19 testing operations.
  • We redeployed 20+ staff members from Athletics, Facilities, and University Services to support annual Flu Fest operations.
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