International Affairs & Operations

International Affairs and Operations provides support to internationalization efforts across campus with specific emphasis on:

  • Collaborations with scholars and universities around the world
  • Research opportunities abroad and the creation of global scholarly networks for faculty members and graduate students
  • Establishment of international programming for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Initiatives that give heightened emphasis to international and comparative perspectives in the curriculum

International Affairs and Operations works closely with various offices and centers on campus, including:

The vice provost collaborates with other administrative offices to address policies and practices related to internationalization that ensure health and safety, compliance and quality of experience.  Key offices include:

  • Office of the General Counsel
  • Office of Finance and Treasury
  • Office of the Dean of the Faculty
  • Office of the Dean for Research

The vice provost oversees the development and approval of all institutional and departmental level international Memoranda of Understanding and Agreements, exchange programs and certain international contracts.  As a delegate of the provost, the vice provost also facilitates campus visits of international guests, dignitaries and public figures.

The vice provost provides direct oversight of the Davis International Center, provides administrative oversight of the Mpala Research Center and the Princeton China Center and sits on the board of the Princeton University Athens Center for Research and Hellenic Studies.  

For more comprehensive information of international opportunities at Princeton, visit International Princeton.