International Affairs & Operations


The Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs and Operations advances internationalization efforts across campus, with specific emphasis on:

  • Facilitating research opportunities abroad and the creation of global scholarly networks for faculty members and graduate students.
  • Advancing initiatives that give heightened emphasis to international and comparative perspectives in the curriculum.
  • Collaborating with administrative offices to address policies and practices related to internationalization that enable research and teaching and promote quality of experience.
  • Overseeing efforts to promote safety and security for Princeton travelers abroad.
  • Supporting international programming for undergraduate and graduate students.

The vice provost oversees the development and approval of all institutional and departmental international Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), exchange programs, and certain international contracts.  As a delegate of the provost, the vice provost also facilitates campus visits of international guests, dignitaries, and public figures.

The vice provost provides direct oversight of the Davis International Center, the Global Safety & Security unit, and the Mpala Research Centre in Kenya.

International Affairs and Operations works closely with other internationally-focused offices and centers on campus, including:

To learn more about all of the University’s many international programs and opportunities, visit International Princeton.

International Students & Scholars

Students holding a Davis International Center bannerThe Vice Provost for International Affairs and Operations oversees the University’s support to students and scholars from around the world who come to Princeton to study, research, and teach.

The cornerstone of this commitment to Princeton’s international community is the Davis International Center (IC), which provides programs and services to support the growth, development, and welfare of internationals students, scholars and their families on multiple levels. The Davis IC’s services include employment-based immigration support, immigration compliance, non-resident tax filing, and social security resources. In addition, the Center hosts programming that aims to promote cultural competency and understanding, encourage cross-cultural and practical adjustment, and enrich the experience of Princeton University’s international scholars and students.

For more information, visit The Davis International Center.

Centers Abroad

Mpala Research CentreMpala Research Centre

The Mpala Research Centre (MRC) is a multidisciplinary field-research station located in Kenya's Laikipia County that provides scholars unparalleled opportunities to conduct research on conservation, sustainable human-wildlife co-existence and semi-arid ecosystems in Africa and, increasingly, on climate change, the environment and public health. Mpala has served as a vital research site for Princeton faculty and scholars from other universities for decades. It is also an important site for undergraduate educational experiences (field research for junior and senior theses and study abroad), providing transformational research, curricular experiential learning and service experiences for students. Princeton University serves as the managing partner for the Mpala Research Centre (MRC), in a consortium with the Smithsonian Institute, Kenya Wildlife Service, and the National Museums of Kenya. 

Learn more about Mpala Research Centre

Learn about funding for research at Mpala

Students holding a Princeton Beijing bannerPrinceton China Center

The Princeton China Center, located on the campus of Tsinghua University in Beijing, provides administrative functions that facilitates Princeton’s research and learning work in China. The center is available to help faculty, students, and others looking to engage in University work in China with a range of needs, including visa, travel and housing arrangements; event planning; translation services; finding meeting spaces; identifying potential local employers for internships; connecting with local scholars; obtaining access to Chinese archives or scientific labs at Chinese universities for academic research; and, other administrative and programming assistance. The center also promotes closer academic ties with institutions in China by guiding local academic institutes and scholars who wish to create or strengthen links with Princeton.

Contact the Princeton China Center to learn more

Safety & Security

The Global Safety & Security (GS&S) unit provides the University community with governance, guidance and advice, training, and other direct support related to international operations and global mobility. The GS&S mission is to enable wider, more meaningful international engagement through programs and policies that promote smart worldwide risk mitigation.

International Operations and Global Mobility Risk Governance

GS&S leads the University process for the creation and periodic review of standards and policies related to the safety and security of international operations and both domestic and international travel by members of the University community. A variety of stakeholders, representing the interests of a broad cross-section of the University, participate in the formulation of these standards through the Global Mobility and International Operations working group.

Intelligence and Crisis Management

Informed travelers are safer travelers, and so GS&S provides both standard and bespoke risk intelligence reporting services to the University community. These include country-risk products, individual assessments for destinations with elevated risk profiles, and due diligence reviews of potential international partners. When international crises strike and impact our travelers, GS&S also facilitates the University’s response by convening and supporting the International Crisis Management Team.

Training and Traveler Support

GS&S provides University-standard safety and security training modules and briefings for travelers, be they students, faculty, or staff, and in conjunction with other offices, supports international-focused training on topics such as sexual harassment, cross-cultural communication, and IT security. In addition, the unit oversees direct support to travelers facing a medical or other incident while away from campus, ensuring that wherever a Tiger roams, they can access the help they need, when they need it. GS&S will coordinate the whole-of-University response when a traveler requires assistance, up to and including decisions to approve and pay for emergency evacuation.


Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs and Operations Permanent Staff

Aly Kassam-Remtulla

Aly Kassam-Remtulla, Vice Provost for International Affairs and Operations

  • University internationalization strategy and execution
  • International memoranda of understanding policies and procedures
  • Princeton-Mpala Research Centre relationship
  • Oversight of the Davis International Center and Global Safety & Security unit

tayla burns

Tayla Burns, Deputy Director, Davis International Center

  • Immigration operations
  • Permanent residency advising
  • J-1 Responsible Officer
  • F-1 Designated School Official

Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes, Associate Director, Global Safety & Security

  • Safety and security training
  • Travel enrollment system and procedures
  • International incident management and traveler support

Winnie Kiiru

Winnie Kiiru, Executive Director, Mpala Research Centre

  • Oversees the leadership, planning, development and management of Mpala’s research, education and outreach efforts

Jin Lui

Jin Lui, Director, Princeton China Center

  • Princeton operations in China
  • Support to Princeton students and scholars in China

Nelly Palmeris

Nelly Palmeris, Chief Operating Officer, Mpala Research Centre

  • Leadership of Mpala’s scientific and operational programs

Grace Penn

Grace Penn, Associate Director for International Affairs & Operations

  • Princeton-Mpala Research Center fundraising and communications and boards
  • International memoranda of understanding, agreements and contracts

Albert Rivera

Albert Rivera, Director, Davis International Center

  • Overall U.S. immigration policies and procedures for international scholars and students
  • Leadership of Davis International Center staff and operational issues

Jaime Signoracci

Jaime Signoracci, Director, Global Safety & Security

  • Worldwide safety and security governance
  • Leadership of the Global Safety & Security unit
  • Geopolitical and security threat intelligence and risk analysis for global mobility and international operations
  • International crisis management processes and coordination
  • Support to University stakeholders on mitigations in escalated-risk environments

Colleen Walsh

Colleen Walsh, International Program Support Specialist

  • Administrative support for the Vice Provost for International Affairs and Operations
  • Programmatic support for the Global Safety & Security unit
  • Coordination of the global VPIAO team

Other Key Contacts for International Operations, by Issue
  • Export control:
    John Jenkins, Office of Research and Project Administration
  • International hiring (engaging individuals abroad, international assignments, expatriate arrangements, etc.):  
    Kristy Holmes, Finance and Treasury  
  • International IT and information security:
    David Sherry, Office of Information Technology
  • International purchasing:
    Joe Woodward, Finance and Treasury
  • International risk management and insurance:
    Megan Adams, Finance and Treasury
  • International sponsored research:
    Elizabeth Adams, Office of Research and Project Administration
  • International travel health:
    Irini Daskalaki, M.D., University Health Services
  • International travel logistics (expenses and travel arrangements, University business travel):
    • Group travel arrangements - Susan Godfrey, Finance and Treasury
    • Individual travel arrangements - World Travel Agency, (888) 530-4087 or 
  • U.S. tax issues for international individuals:
    Kristy Holmes, Office of Finance and Treasury
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